The Story of The HuggleBib

It all started when our oldest son Riley started to eat solids (2011). We experienced very quickly how messy daily feeding routines could be. We tested countless types of bibs on the market that we could find, which all ended up with the same outcome every time: MESS, MESS, and MORE MESS!

We asked other parents if there was anything out there that could do what we wanted; something that could protect the areas of Riley where all the food ended up, such as his lap and upper leg region. The main response we received was always, “If you do find something, let us know!”

Riley using HuggleBib® prototypes

From that moment, Maddie and Steve, decided that we wanted to try and create something else that actually kept children clean, and saved valuable time during daily messy feeding routines.

The first attempt was a pillowcase, that we cut sections out of allowing for Riley’s head and arms, but let’s face it – who wants to use a pillowcase like that; and it didn’t look very attractive either!

Maddie working on the HuggleBib®

So we let that design go and moved on to another concept. Next we tried using an oversized shirt that could be easily placed onto Riley once he was safely secured into his highchair to offer more protection. But after we tested that, we still had the same problem with food ending up on his lap and highchair areas.

We agreed that we now needed to think outside the box. We needed to figure out how we could protect not only Riley’s clothes, but also cover his lap and upper legs to provide full protection, along with the highchair, without going over the top and with a simple but effective design.

Right at that moment, out of left field, Maddie came up with a design that is now known as the HuggleBib®.

After a lot of testing (and we really mean A LOT) including different styles, patterns, sizes, fabrics, fasteners and sewing techniques, we finally had finished the HuggleBib design, 1 year later. From there we put the HuggleBib® to the ultimate test!

By this time (2013), our youngest son Callum was on the scene, so we’d let him go all out at feeding times while offering the messiest foods we could give him, to see if he could penetrate the HuggleBib®, and guess what –he couldn’t!

Callum using the HuggleBib®

Callum using the HuggleBib

The HuggleBib® proved that there is now a more efficient time saving alternative to other bibs on the market, saving parents and caregivers the time and headache of cleaning up after meal times, plus multiple other benefits.

We were both flabbergasted after every meal from the protection of the HuggleBib®, for not only the clothes and highchair, but also the amount of time we saved after every meal.

Currently each HuggleBib® is personally hand made to the highest of standards. We have plans in place to commercialise the HuggleBib® internationally within the near future, so keep an eye out for the time saving and effective HuggleBib® in a store near you.

“Fuss Less, No Mess®”

Steve making a HuggleBib

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Special Thanks

The beginnings of the HuggleBib® did start with Maddie and I, and of course our boys, but it wouldn’t have been possible to get to the point that we’re now at without the support and help that we’ve had along the way from these amazing professionals. Thank you guys!